The Full-service project


The organization:  

10-15 employees, multiple nationalities, customers around the world


The challenge:     

How to ensure that all communication – both internal and external – pushes the right buttons for diverse audiences


The solution:       

We started with a writing skills program, which set the base level of expectations. As the organization went through a dramatic shift in strategy, we worked together to design both written material and presentation skills to communicate the new strategy to a wide variety of partners.


Over time, the company asked IMP to edit their more important external reports for both correct language and appropriate style.

This task grew to include internal reports to their board, annual reports, project reports, website and newsletter articles.


IMP also modified their in-house style guide.


On the training side, IMP has trained nearly all new employees in writing in order to ensure consistency throughout the organization. Follow-ups to the initial writing skills course have taken place periodically. In addition, IMP delivered a presentations workshop where the staff re-visited the visuals of the standard introductory presentation.


This type of long-term full-service relationship has allowed me to understand the values of the organization at a very deep  level. We have built up a mutual respect that has lasted through personnel, leadership and strategy changes.


The HR support project

The organization

Finnish-based global company


The challenge:    

Ensure that the company has a solid evaluation of the international communication ability of candidates and employees for important communication roles.

The solution:    

The company included IMP in the interview process for short-listed candidates. The scope of the project was to report on the candidates’ ability to produce written and spoken English at an appropriate level for the job.

In addition, IMP was asked to help fulfil a need arising from a personal development discussion. IMP designed an intensive  coaching program to develop their presentation and persuasion abilities in an international context.


The website project

The organization:

A small Finnish export company


The challenge:    

Ensure that the English-language website is as professional as the Finnish-language website


The solution:      

The MD admitted that he had not looked at the English-language website in years. When IMP pointed out some of the potential issues – linguistic, stylistic and cultural – he agreed to a quick brush-up.


A week later, IMP delivered the content.