Presentation coaching

This coaching is completely focused on your upcoming presentation. Although we can meet at any time during the preparation process, the earlier the better!

We design your story and your visuals to match the message that you want to send to your particular audience. And we practice, practice, practice. We can video your practice session and
discuss all the decisions that you made.

Alternatively, we can meet for a practice session and you will receive professional feedback. Or, we can focus on your visuals if that is your main worry.

Organization Presentation Culture

Your organization needs to present a professional picture no matter what the topic or the situation.

It’s more than consistent colors; your values are communicated each time your employees give a presentation.

Your business partners should look forward to your speakers because they trust you not to waste their time.

IMP Communications helps you develop an organization-wide style, then roll it out through the organization.

Conference presentation coaching

You’re on stage. In front of you are potential business partners, potential employers, fellow professionals. They have many reasons for being there. You have only one reason to be there - to exceed their expectations.

Call IMP for help at any stage: Right at the beginning, to build the whole talk. Once you have the backbone ready, to develop the meat. When you hit a roadblock, to run through some ideas to get going again. Just before the conference to get feedback and final tips.


Every conference has good presentations; yours can be outstanding.

Writing Consultation

Your organization needs to make an impact with a broad range of documents.


Your website needs to be not only flawless language-wise, but it needs to have the language that attracts customers. Annual reports need to be clear so that investors are properly informed. Blogs that are designed to build brand have a high standard of communication.

IMP will work with your communication professionals to edit - and even write - the texts that make a difference to the people who are important to your business.

HR Support

During the recruiting process, it isn’t always easy to evaluate the ability of strong candidates to communicate in English.


IMP can be a part of the process to advise you whether a particular candidate is likely to jump in right away or would need to be supported for some time. We understand that language skill shouldn’t be the foremost consideration in hiring, but in many situations, candidates are equally strong professionally, but one may be stronger with English.

Another opportunity for support is when an employee is promoted to a position that will require more English communication. Often, a new position demands new tasks and the ability to perform well depends on being able to communicate well. IMP designs a focused program that will fill the newly promoted employee with confidence to carry out new tasks.

International Sports Communication


From the smallest neighborhood club to the world’s richest clubs, international communication can help score goals. Your local youth club may serve as an integration opportunity for immigrant families. Big organizations that compete on the world stage have fans, players and owners from all corners of the globe.

Running a club with international ambitions? How do your transfer targets find out about your club’s values? How do your international fans find out how to buy tickets?

Organizing an international tournament? How do you attract teams to participate? How do you keep the participating teams informed?

Running a national sports federation? How do international media contact the right person in your organization?

IMP Communications edits your website, newsletters, game programs or any other products to make sure that the people who are interested stay interested.

You will direct our tasks. Do you want to have just a few of your club’s webpages in English – history and contacts, perhaps? Or do you want us to make sure that the player profiles are just as informative in English as in your language? Maybe you have text that can be used for many years with small updates or maybe you have match reports every week.

IMP Communications has the flexibility to do small jobs or complete overhauls, short-term projects or long-term relationships . Our prices reflect both the size of the job and the understanding that sports organizations at every level and in every country are starved for resources. Ask us for an offer; we might surprise you!