Upcoming courses with Ratekoulutus

IMP is building its cooperation with Ratekoulutus this spring. We've got three seminars on the calendar.

Two of the seminars are related to presentation skills.

Presentation Skills for Engineers is targeted at people who have to 'translate' their information for non-technical people (or 'experts in other things' as I like to call us).

For details in Finnish: Presentation Skills for Engineers

For details in English, contact me.

Impact the world with your presentation has proven popular over the last year- we ran it 3 times in 2013. It's a good overview of the techniques we can use to impact our audience.

For details in Finnish: Impact the world

For details in English, contact me.

The third course is a different focus, but still with the idea communicating the right message is essential.

Secretarial English: a Practical Approach is designed to give secretaries, personal assistants and executive assistants ideas on dealing with communication challenges in English.

For details in Finnish: Secretarial English

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