Presenters with bad visuals: Know-Nothings or Try-Nothings

I've been thinking a lot about my post before the spring- Why, oh, why? I had been at a conference where I was quite disappointed at the quality of the presentations, especially in the way the presenters used visuals.

During the conference, my feeling was that these folks just didn't know any better. By the time I got to my blog, I'd convinced myself that they did know better, but they had no respect for the audience. I couldn't believe that people did not know that too much text or too much clutter is just plain wrong.

In the months since, my view has evolved a little bit. I still think that a presenter who puts up confusing visuals is showing a huge disrespect for the audience. However, I'm not sure it's a willful disrespect; rather, the presenter knows that it's wrong, but for a variety of reasons, they decide to use those slides anyway.

Clearly, the most common reason is that we don't have time to prepare, so we put everything that we think is important on the slide and run with it.

The other reason that came to mind is that most of us do not feel very creative. Instead of trying something a little creative- but very communicative- we try something very uncreative (is anti-creative a word?).

I hope you will use the comments section to add some reasons for me to mull over. I want to find answers to all the challenges so that we no longer have to sit through conferences and think about the quality of the slides.

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