Business is looking, but not finding

In great news for all of us who train businesspeople to communicate effectively, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that communication skills are highly valued among recruiters, but somewhat rare among job-seekers.

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The chart above, adapted from the report, shows a clear desire for communication-related skills. It also shows that employers are having a hard time finding those skills. In a cross-section of industries, MBA graduates need to develop their ability to communicate, lead, solve problems and think strategically.

I was a little surprised to see that employers may not truly value global mindset and entrepreneurship- buzzwords that show up regularly in job advertisements. I also think it's interesting that, at least in management, industry-related experience is not so important.

It seems that companies are looking to hire people who already have communication skills and are hoping that the other values develop organically over a career.

Read the article here: Bloomberg Job Skills Report

Another Bloomberg article sheds some more light on that idea. A study has found that employers are offering fewer opportunities for training. That notion hardly needs a study; we all know that! But some of the numbers are shocking. Accenture found that 80% of employees had gone five years without training.

Read the article here: It's Not a Skills Gap

In essence, companies are looking to hire skills that they are not willing to develop. But, according to the first article, they are not very successful in finding those skills.

Sounds like a broken system!

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