TED 2016 in Helsinki!

Okay, it’s not exactly being held in Helsinki. And it’s not exactly being shown live in Helsinki. But, for the first time, part of the TED Conference is being shown in cinemas around the world- in Helsinki at the Kinopalatsi on 17 February.

I’ve followed TED for 7 or 8 years. When I need a little bit of intellectual stimulation or I feel like I haven’t thought about anything ‘outside the box’ in a while, TED is my destination.

I also use TED to erase the memories of bad presentations I have seen. TED Talks are consistently high quality. I am always sure that I will learn something even about subjects that I didn’t even know existed. The speakers are well-prepared, the visuals make sense and the talks are short. What more can you ask for?

I often use Ted Talks as examples in training. I admit, though, these are not your average business presentations. TED speakers have more time to prepare and they have tremendous tech resources.

The reason I use TED as examples, even though they do not mirror most of my clients’ situations, is that they invariably hit all of the points that make a good presentation: they are memorable, they are interesting and they are compact.

I’m really looking forward to experiencing TED on the big screen at Kinopalatsi. And maybe someday, I’ll even get the chance to attend!

After all, the theme of this year’s conference is Dream!

Call me if you’d like to join me to watch a couple of hours of “Ideas worth sharing.”


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