Bring Your Presentation for a Tune-up

I'm very excited to take part in the celebration of my adopted hometown. Espoo Day is 27 August and I'll be joining Urban Mill's Demo Day. There will be a whole bunch of cool products being demonstrated at Urban Mill and the Design Factory.

My demo will be a little different from all the cutting edge technology being showcased around me. I will set up in the Mill and hold office hours to help you with your presentation material.

We'll have a quick look through your PowerPoint slides or your Prezi or whatever format you like. I'll give my two cents' worth on how you might adjust the slides or how you might use the visuals to their best advantage.

It'll only be a 15-minute appointment, but I've never seen a presentation that couldn't be improved.

I'll be there from 10 until the afternoon. You can comment here to make an appointment or just drop in. You can also, of course, email me at if you have questions or don't necessarily want the whole world to see that you're coming to see me!

I hope to see you there; we'll team up to help your presentation make an IMPact!

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