IMP website renewed, strengthened

I am very pleased to announce that IMP Communications has a re-vamped website. It’s fresh, it’s clean and it has a few features that the old one didn’t have.

Many thanks to the partners, friends and family who helped me to get this right.

This re-launch represents another step in IMP’s outreach to all those organizations that need to improve the way they communicate with the world. If I have done my job well, the website gives a picture of the wide range of services that I can deliver. Long-term projects or quick-hitting solutions, writing skills or speaking skills.

I want to work with big companies, small companies, public sector, private sector. All organizations have important communications and many are not satisfied with the quality.

There are no good reasons to just keep on going with the same less than acceptable content.

IMP Communications can evaluate your issue from many angles and together we can find a path to more impactful communication that fits your budget and time constraints.

Have a look around the new website. Once you’ve had a good look, please like, comment or share this blog post on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Special offer available through Thursday, 6 April: Anyone who likes, comments or shares will get a specially curated list of online resources that will support you in becoming a more impactful communicator.

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