IMP gets sporty!

This summer, I'm going a little bit out of the normal routine for a communications consultancy. In partnership with Liikkukaa! SportForAll, we're arranging a multi-cultural event centered on a celebration of the FIFA World Cup.

We've invited teams to represent each of the 32 countries taking part in this summer's tournament in Russia. Mondialito Helsinki 2018 features the same matches that the national teams will play. Even into the knockout rounds and through the final.

Yes, that format will mean that some teams will win in Helsinki, but because their compatriots in Russia let the country down, they will watch the rest of the tournament from the sidelines.

As that format suggests, competitive football is not a part of our mission. Our mission is rather to promote cultural inclusion in physical activity and to bring the spirit of the Beautiful Game to Helsinki.

We are hoping that Helsinki's international community will come out to support their teams and to bring their own flavor to the event.

Our Event page on Facebook has a lot of the details.

We have 6 matchdays, but I'm really excited about the first two days - 9 and 10 June. We're playing all of the first-round matches that weekend, one week before the World Cup starts. All 32 teams will be looking forward to both the Mondialito and the World Cup, with the idea that their country could be the last one standing in July.

What could be more fun than representing your country (or anybody's country for that matter) and enjoying a kickaround?

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